Sunday, February 10, 2013

8 months of motherhood

Okay, nevermind that Miss P is almost 9 months old...I'm a little behind on this post!  We have been busy, busy!  This little girl, who seemed like such a little baby, is becoming such a little person!  Oh, and forget about those adorable photos with her proudly displaying her age.  The sticker is too tempting and she rarely sits still.
She discovered movement! Albeit backwards and only on her stomach, she can get places.
We enjoyed her first Christmas.  I suppose she won't remember much of it, so I'm looking forward to the holidays when she is older.  She definitely seemed more comfortable with the big family gathering...she better get used to it!
We've continued to have so much fun with food.  She still eats purees, but really enjoys feeding herself.  Cheerios are a favorite..for both of us.  I have to feed her slowly or else she will try to put ten Cheerios in her mouth at once.  Maybe she gets that from me? It's fun watching her complete determination in feeding herself.  As soon as something is placed on her tray, her little hands get to work.
We've been enjoying a mild winter here in Seattle, so we feel lucky to get outside as much as we can.  We spend many afternoons walking to our neighborhood coffee spot.  She loves riding in her stroller looking around.  I definitely feel like we are getting into more of a routine.  Yes, it is still difficult and tiring and all-consuming, but things are becoming more predictable. I'm waiting for the next challenge, but enjoying every minute.