Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Bakin' Friends and Happy Halloween!

I was really happy when this month's Bakin' Friends ingredient was revealed to be candy corn! I love that sweet sugary stuff!  I mailed out these homemade Butterfinger and received these delicious sugar cookies from reader Aisha.  I had no idea, but Aisha is expecting a brand new baby in January!!  I loved these sugar cookies!  Each one was garnished with a piece of candy corn!  She used raw turbinado sugar which I think really added that something extra to these cookies.  I have never used it before, but I'm looking forward to trying it!  I wish I had more of these cookies now, but they didn't last long around here!  If you would love to bake and receive some tasty goodies each month head on over to Steph's blog to sign is so easy and worth it!
Are you all dressing up for Halloween?  We always have fun with it at our house. At our old house we never had trick or treaters!  I'm hoping that we'll have lots in our new house..otherwise I'll have a lot of little candy bars to eat!   For the past few years we've been having some of my childhood friends over for a Halloween dinner. We all dress up and stuff ourselves with delicious food.  To honor my love of sweets I decided we should dress up as donuts!  Pretty easy to do with an inner tube and some spray paint...and a husband who is a pro at spray painting.  I made P's costume with a floral wreath and some foam.  She HATED it!  Would not put it on!  We'll see if she'll wear it tonight!  We have a block party with our neighbors and then we'll be celebrating with our family tradition of a jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's!  Candy for dessert of course!   Whatever you do, I hope it's fun!
Halloween 2012: Baby Flashdance!
Halloween 2013: Irritated with her mommy!