Sunday, April 24, 2011

Datenight review: Toulouse Petit

Toulouse Petit, located on Queen Anne, is one of my new favorite restaurants. I had previously been there for a ladies lunch with BFFs Nikki and Kory. I knew Daring Hubby would love it! I've also heard they have a very good brunch..that's next on my list. The food is centered around the menus of the French Quarter and creole style.

Inside the restaurant is very lovely. Tea lights are lit all over the restaurant. I read on the menu that they use around 250 tea lights a day! Gorgeous Italian mosaic tiles make up the floor and many of the booths are rasied up and decorated with other glass tiles. It's a loud and bustling space and it's been packed both times I've been there. We had a cozy table for two next to the window with a view of the Space Needle!

I think this restaurant is great because everyone is bound to find something they like on the menu. The reason for this is that their menu is HUGE! Definitely lots of variety, but sometimes that makes it hard to choose. I appreciate options, but if I'm presented with too many, I can't make up my mind! Luckily, they had an option that allowed you to choose three different items for about $30. We both went with that option.

(Sorry, a lot of these photos turned out dark, due to the dark interior)

I started off with the cauliflower soup served with crab and a drizzle of truffle oil. (you may have noticed I love cauliflower dishes!)

I loved this soup and the crab was a nice addition.

Darling hubby started out with the Crispy Fried Chicken Gumbo.

He really enjoyed it. I had a bite, but it was way too spicy for me. If you like spicy food, I assume this dish would be for you! Darling hubby's review: the chicken was delicious, but he wished there was a bigger portion of it.

For my next item, Crispy Fried and Braised Bacon served with a syrah demi-glace. WOW!

Pretty classy eating bacon with a knife and fork. I really liked it.

However, Darling Hubby got this...
and I was instantly jealous.

Crab over fried green tomatoes.

Now, I had never had fried green tomatoes and I am wondering why not! They are delicious, and served with's a win-win. Needless, to say, Darling Hubby and I swapped our second courses.

Apparently, I had not met my max on bacon, because for my main dish I had, the duck confit with brussel sprouts and bacon lardons. (again, the theme of bacon and brussels!) It was great. The duck was prepared just right and I really enjoyed the vegetables.
(sorry, the photo was not for public consumption!)

My husband is a meat and potatoes lover, so for him

Steak frites.

Always a classic. It was a generous portion. Lucky for him because he has to share his frites with me! There's just something about those crispy, salty frites. I told myself so many times to stop! It's a bad addiction.

Obviously, with all this food we were pretty stuffed. However, they have a must eat dessert here. To be honest, I have a terrible, terrible sweet tooth, so many desserts are hard for me to resist. Honestly though, you must try these

Beignets with chicory anglaise dipping sauce.
The chicory has this delicious coffee-like flavor and it really makes this dessert. Our waitress suggested pouring a little in our coffee, great idea! The beignets are warm and fluffy and just a perfect treat. Definitely try'll thank me!
I did notice an eye-catching dessert at the table next to me. A gigantic piece of banana cream pie, which is one of my favorite pies. The gentleman eating it said he gets it every time and really likes it. It is a big serving and he was eating it all by kind of guy.
I think I'll order it next time......
as a side dish to my beignets!

If you haven't been to Toulouse Petit, you must!
It's a fun atmosphere, great food, and a good value. I'll see you there!


  1. you didn't tell me you have one either! :)

  2. Sounds like such a fun date night! I could eat like 100 beignets...such a special treat that I hardly ever have! I love the powdered sugar :)