Friday, September 9, 2011

Brunch at Serafina

On a recent sunny Sunday morning, Darling Husband and I were looking for a good brunch spot.  We decided upon Serafina, in the eastlake neighborhood.  While doing my half-marathon training, I would pass by this restaurant on my long runs.  I would often wish I was running in for a meal.  I know they have a great dinner menu, so I was looking forward to trying their brunch.
The restaurant has a nice interior, but I know they are known for an awesome patio out back.  The wait would have been 20 minutes for outdoor seating or a nice window seat was immediately available.  A cozy little table for two? We'll take it!
The hostess opened the window for us, so we could enjoy the cool breeze.
Plus, I had a view of the patio!
Brunch is served from 10 to 230, with live jazz music from 11 to 130pm.  The music was nice, not at all distracting.

I started with a delicious coffee, with milk, over ice.
For my main dish:Borsellino Ripieno
Little black forest ham "baskets" with soft polenta and topped with two poached eggs.  A nice potato hash on the bottom.  This is typically served with sauteed mushrooms, but that's not my thang.
I really enjoyed this! The ham was nice and crispy and the polenta was delicious.  The eggs were cooked perfectly and I tried my hardest to get every flavor in each bite!
The entrees are served with a nice selection of fruit.

This was an odd meal for us because Darling Husband ordered a sweet dish, while I got the savory.  We both tried each other's dishes though! Sharing is caring.
To complement his sweet french toast, a nice side of thick butcher bacon!
For his main dish, brioche French toast, served with whipped mascarpone and a fig syrup.

The French toast was really good, but the best part was the fig syrup, served in this cute little mug!

I liked the French Toast, but I think they had so many savory options that sounded even better.
However, both of our plates were completely cleaned, so I think we were more than happy.
Overall our experience was very good.  Great service, delicious food, nice environment.  Also, I appreciated that we didn't have to wait 30 minutes to eat. I think this would be a great spot for a romantic dinner, or fun brunch out with your girlfriends. Definitely appealing to many different people.  I hope you'll check out this cute little neighborhood restaurant.  Rumor has it, there is a nice little spot around the back for some good cocktails and bites: Cicchetti.  I hope to try it soon!

Gotta run...brunch time!

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  1. Serafine is so adorable! great pictures, I haven't been there in a long time but that bacon looks outrageously good. I myself am a savory girl through and through, but theres nothing like a good bite of pancakes or french toast here and there