Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goat cheese, roasted red pepper and arugula sandwich

It really doesn't get better than a sandwich.  Bread, cheese, mayo, hopefully bacon, bread.  I love it.
I got the idea for this sandwich from an Ina Garten recipe.  My sandwich is a simplified version of hers, only took a few minutes to put together.  
I made this sandwich to share with the lovely ladies in my book club.  They are a great group of girls. We spend (minimal) time talking about the book. Then we eat, gossip, and laugh.  I adore our monthly meetings...even more than sandwiches.
Goat Cheese, roasted red pepper, and arugula sandwich
adapted from Ina Garten
1 loaf  of bread, such as ciabatta, halved horizontally
11 ounces spreadable goat cheese
2 cups arugula
4 large red peppers. To roast your own, follow these instructions.  Or buy already roasted.
Drizzle each half of the ciabatta with olive oil.  Place under broiler to toast.  
Spread goat cheese on both sides.  On one side, pile red peppers, on the other, arugula.  
Sandwich together and eat!
Easy sandwich to share.....or not.