Friday, July 20, 2012

Two months of Motherhood

Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our sweet girl's one month birthday!  Now she is two months old, and I am surprised at all the changes! Again, I am learning something every single day!
  • A two-month old baby is so completely different from a one-month old baby.
  • What made baby happy yesterday, makes her mad today.
  • At two months, my baby can make me laugh till my side hurts.
  • I've become overly sappy.  Waterworks.  Especially any commercial I see that mentions moms, motherhood, kids...bawling.
  • You will do anything, no matter how ridiculous you look, to get your baby to smile at you.
  • That smile sometimes makes me so happy I could burst...and cry. (see above sappiness)
  • Most annoying errand with an infant: the post office.
  • A random stranger will play with your baby's exposed feet..can't blame them.
  • If baby doesn't like something attach a random toy to it and she'll happily stare just long enough for you to make a sandwich.
While motherhood is still just as challenging as it was at one month, I'm starting to figure it out....but don't tell the baby that.