Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4 months of motherhood

Four months! Wow! Someone is growing up pretty fast.  But truth is, I think her Mom is the person who is truly growing. This little tiny person is teaching me so much. Of course, I'm learning the basics about keeping another person alive. I'm also learning about dedication, love, and a little patience.
The two of us have been keeping busy.  We love going for jogs, shopping, meeting our other baby friends, and we just joined a Kindermusik class.  She's had her first ferry ride, lots of smiles and a few laughs, and has found her voice...and she loves to use it!
Some days are tough, long, and tiring.  The next day though, seeing her smile first thing in the morning, we start fresh. The other day I went to visit friends at my old job and it made me realize that staying home with my baby girl was truly one of my best decisions yet. I have no doubt we're in store for more fun, and a few of those long days, but either way, I'm ready, and excited for it all.