Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Bakin' Friends

This is my third month participating in Bakin' Friends!!  I look forward to it every month!  The secret ingredient for this month, should be no surprise, pumpkin!   Everyone loves pumpkin at this time of year.  I sent some pumpkin granola bars to reader Abby.  I'll share the recipe soon.  Check out what I received....
Pumpkin Black and White cookies from Rachel at Studio Cuisine.  I have seen this infamous cookies, but never had one.  How fun that Rachel added this month's secret ingredient!!    There was a yummy chocolate glaze and a delicious cinnamon glaze.  These little treats were so soft and tasty.
I am embarrassed to say I shoved about 50 of these in my once.  The pumpkin just made it delicious, so flavorful.  Rachel said the original cookie is one of her favorites and I'll be adding this to my list of favorite cookies.  Thanks Rachel!
If you love baking and eating...sign up for Bakin' Friends! Each month I can't wait to see what the secret ingredient is and get to baking....and eating!