Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby Carrot Shakedowns Giveaway!

I have a fun giveaway for you today!! Bolthouse Farms contacted me to try their new Baby Carrot Shakedowns. You already know Bolthouse Farms for their smoothies, veggies, salad dressings, etc., now look at what's new! Basically, Shakedowns are baby carrots and seasoning all in one package!  Running around with Baby P, I don't have a lot of time to sit down to meals, so I love the idea of a quick grab and go snack. Especially a snack that is actually good for you!   All you do is pinch the packaging, give it a shake, and your carrots are perfectly seasoned.
Currently the Shakedowns are available in three different markets: Seattle, San Antonio, and Indianapolis.  There are three different flavors to choose from: ranch, chili lime, and salsa.  After sampling all three, I had to choose chili lime as my favorite, although I enjoyed them all.  Each package only has 25 calories and is suggested to retail for 99 cents.  These would be perfect to add to your lunch, throw in your purse, pack for a picnic.  
Would you like to try Baby Carrot Shakedowns?  Two winners will receive coupons for 2 free packages.  (remember, they are currently only available in Seattle, San Antonio, and Indianapolis)  Just leave a comment below telling me which flavor you think would be your favorite.  The contest will close on Wednesday, October 31st at 6pm PST.  
I love the idea of a quick healthy snack that actually tastes great, I think you guys will enjoy them too.

The coupons and Shakedowns were provided to me by Bolthouse Farms, opinions are mine.