Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My first Stitch Fix

It's a good day when clothes arrive on your door step.  Even better when it's five different surprise items.  All items that have been picked for you based on specific questions that you have answered about your style choice.  This service is called Stitch Fix and it's super fun.
It's also super easy!  
You sign-up.  
You wait for your invitation ( I received mine quickly, but I know some people are still waiting)
You fill out an extensive style profile.
You choose the date of your shipment.
You pay $20 (styling fee).
You wait by the door.
You receive fun clothes to twirl around the house in!
You have 3 days to try everything on and decide what to keep or return.  They send you a prepaid envelope for your returns, very simple.
The $20 fee is non-refundable, but it will be applied to anything you decide to keep from your fix.  
Each fix consists of five items which may either be clothing or accessories.  All clothing comes with this tag showing you recommendations for the item.  This is fun because you may just have the necessary items to complete the look right in your closet. Here's a look at what I received!
A long, purple, open cardigan.  This is something I would definitely wear.  However, I feel like I already have several of these and I could easily pick one up at Target for about $20.  Loved the color and the fabric.
Blue and white striped Dolman sweater.  At first look, I didn't love this sweater, but when I tried it on I really liked it.  Comfortable enough to wear everyday and practical for my lifestyle.  Perfect fit too!  I kept this one!
3/4 sleeve jersey tunic dress.  First off, I knew this pattern wasn't for me.  Just not something I would usually wear.  When I tried it on, my suspicions were confirmed.  Not for me.  I tried to belt it, but then I just felt that it looked like a maternity dress...not the look I am going for right now.  Perhaps I would have liked it better in a plain black.  Nice fabric though and I bet it would be super comfy.
Black and cream tiered tank top.  Again, the fabric was amazing. Nice and soft and felt like it would really hold up well.  I debated on this top.  Unfortunately the fit was just slightly off.  It had a very straight fit that I thought looked a little too boxy on me.  If it would have been tighter at the waist and slightly shorter, it would have been hard to pass up.
Sanctuary Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants in black.  I really loved these pants.  They were very comfortable.  Could easily be worn everyday or dressed up for evening.  They were slightly long for me, but could easily be hemmed.  I was very tempted with these pants!! However, they were $80.  Not really a bad price for a great pair of pants, but I already have my trusty black jeggings from The Gap, for about half the price.  Alas, these pants had to go back.  
Overall, I was very happy with my first fix!  One of the most amazing things was how everything fit me pretty well.  Of course they had my sizes, but you know how sizes can be different among brands and stores.  I was very specific about wanting everyday items that I can wear running errands with P or out to dinner with friends.  From what I've read each fix gets better after you give your stylists even more info.  I was so happy with my first box, I already scheduled my next fix!  If you don't have much time to shop and prefer to try on clothes in the comfort of your own home, this just might be for you. I encourage you to give it a try, you never know what you might receive!

Full-disclosure: I paid for Stitch Fix with my own money, I was not gifted my styling fee.  However, if you use the link I provided above to sign-up I do earn credits.