Monday, April 1, 2013

10 months of motherhood

Oh little one...we have reached double digits.  I can't believe that in a few short weeks you will be one year old!!  Okay, getting way ahead of myself!  Let's talk about this fun month!
We were lucky enough to have another great family trip to Cabo!  Little P did really well.  We rented a house with some dear friends, so it was a similar environment to home. With her more consistent schedule, I was even able to get in some much needed pool time!
She continues her obsession with food.  I mean, loves, loves, loves food.  Gone are the days of spontaneous lunches out.  If I don't have food packed for her, and the restaurant doesn't necessarily serve kid-friendly meals, it's not going to happen.  Also, we have learned to eat quickly.
This girl still loves to move.  She's becoming a very proficient crawler.  Now that she's able to get around she is much happier. Another thing that she's enjoying....
Climbing!  Doesn't she look so cute standing there? It's the funniest thing to see this tiny little person standing up!  She particularly likes to use our pant legs to get up, down, and around.   We'll see what the next few months bring as far as mobility goes.  
She has three teeth, and from what I can tell, really didn't suffer too much with teething.  I feel like our days are becoming "easier" as she has become a pretty consistent baby.  Two naps everyday, with free time in the middle of the day to get things done.  I think she tires herself out playing hard and discovering new things.  She has a cute little sense of humor, often times pretending to laugh right along with us at jokes.   I can't believe how much has changed in these past few months!  Each day brings something new, different, and fun.