Tuesday, November 19, 2013

18 months of motherhood

It's been a long time since my last update at Peyton's first birthday.  As you can see, she's changed quite a bit.  My little Baby P is a full on toddler.  She started walking at about 13 months, but she really prefers to run everywhere.  She is also very clear about things she prefers.  From the jacket she wears, the toys she plays with, the food she eats, the songs I sing...this girl knows what she wants.   
Our days are full of play.  She's down to one nap a day now, so we have all morning to be out and about.  She's happy to go to the grocery store, but hates the mall! Her favorite thing though, is just to be outside.  Climbing toys at the playground, throwing rocks, watching birds, she loves it all.  As far as indoor activities, she loves getting into everything!  Cookie sheets, measuring cups, tupperware, spatulas...and that's all just before lunch.  Lately we like building with blocks, but she does get frustrated when things don't fit exactly.  We read lots and lots of books, typically the same few over and over.  Peyton loves to "cook" and is so sweet about "feeding" all her babies.  It's amazing to see her little imagination already so active.
Speaking of active, that should be her middle name.  One of our favorite ways to pass the time? Lots and lots of dance parties.  Doesn't really matter the song, we'll dance to it.  Sometimes I'll glance at her in the rearview mirror and see her dancing in her car seat.  I love her playful nature.  It's so fun seeing her joy in the simple things.
We haven't had her 18-month visit, but I believe she's about 22 pounds.  Food is still a positive thing.  There are very few things she won't eat.  There are times when she's a little more selective, but veggies, fruit, meat, they're all winners.  So far she only says about 5 words.  This does lead to frustration for both of us, since we have to communicate through lots of pointing and grunting.  I know she'll get some words, but in the meantime it's quite the guessing game. Obviously, I just love this kid. Don't get me wrong, there are many days I want to pull my hair out.  However, she is my little buddy and I love the kid she is becoming.  Thank you Peyton for making all my days that much better.