Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rainbow Cupcakes


Um.....so....It's been a lllooonnnnggg time since I last posted!  If I still have any people out there reading, thank you!  I have just been so busy and the blog sort of fell by the way side. However, I am not here to bore you with how busy I am.  Over the next few posts I'll show you some things that I've been up to.  One of the major things that happened in our house was that a special little someone turned 2!  Wow!  Can't wait to show you guys a few highlights, but I'll start with the most important...dessert!
My original plan was to make one big rainbow layer cake.  After some thinking, I decided to go with cupcakes.  Cupcakes are just so easy for serving, and for me they just signify party time! I still went with the rainbow layers and I think they turned out great.  Was this the easiest cupcake I ever made?  Um...no.  However, I think I learned a few things that will help if I make them again (not likely)!
I used this recipe for vanilla cupcakes and frosting.  However, I think these would turn out fantastic using a box mix.  I used the Wilton food coloring gels.  I think these work really well, and as you can tell the colors turn out so vibrant.  Just add a little at a time to get to the depth of color you like.  
I stuck with five colors and I think that is the most you can do in a cupcake.  Grab enough bowls for each color and a small dish of water (more about that later). I measured out slightly more than a cup of batter into each bowl and then added the gels.  I added about a teaspoon of batter to each cupcake liner.  To help you layer your batter, dip your finger in the dish of water and spread the batter out before adding the next color.  
Continue layering with the remaining colors.  
For some more great tips and a recipe using a box mix check out Our Best Bites.
I did invest a lot of time into these cupcakes, but I'm happy with how these turned out.  I learned a few things along the way:
you really don't need much more than a spoonful of each color. In a few cupcakes I used more than that and they turned out huge!  (I guess that's not a bad thing???)
The layers may not all be even and turn out smooth, but once baked, they look fine.  
Originally I started out with placing the red batter in the cupcake liners first.  Then I realized I wanted the red to be on top, so I had to reverse that. Perhaps that is an OCD thing I need to deal with, but I wanted my cupcakes to be in proper rainbow order!
I still hope to make that rainbow cake, but the cupcakes were Peyton approved!