Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pie in Fremont.

Before I get to my review, please visit my friend Lauren's blog Keep it Sweet.  She gave me a great chance to do a guest post for her, sharing my recipe for Nutter Butter Bars on her blog. Lauren and I love peanut butter and chocolate, so this guest post was a match made in Heaven!  Lauren has some great recipes on her site...check it out!  Thanks Lauren!

Now onto the Pie!

Can you imagine my distress when I came upon this little pie shop after I had already eaten a slice of red velvet cake??  I was out of sorts.  I even walked into the shop with my half-eaten slice of cake.  I promised I would be back. And I would eat lots of pie.  On a nice Sunday, Darling Husband and I did just that.
Pie is located in Fremont. They serve both savory and sweet pies.  You should get both.  

The shop is small, probably enough seating for about 15 people, but the pies are easily portable.  The shop was busy, but we got there early and grabbed some seats.
They had a lunch special which included a sweet and savory pie or two savory pies for under $9.  Seriously folks, you couldn't buy the ingredients to make these pies yourself for that price.  Well worth your money.  

I chose to get a savory and sweet.  My savory choice was smoked salmon, goat cheese, and asparagus...very northwest choice.  My sweet choice, peanut butter cream.  

Darling Hubby chose a breakfast pie with eggs and peppered bacon.  His second choice? The classic..chicken pot pie!

My savory pie was fantastic.  The flavor was delicious.  The smoked salmon was prominent, but not over-powering.  The crust was buttery and flaky.  Delish!

I sampled some of the chicken pot pie.  This was packed full of ingredients.  Potatoes, chicken, and veggies.  We both loved it.  Now I think I make a pretty good pot pie, but I would come back just for this pot pie.  Great flavors.  

The breakfast pie was great.  Very filling.   However, I don't know that I would get it again.  Not because it wasn't delicious, but because there are some many other great options that would be more tempting.  

Now onto my sweet pie.  This was an agonizing choice for me.  I wanted so many different flavors.  Banana cream?  Chocolate and peanut butter? Fruit pies?  Peanut butter cream seemed like a solid choice.  They even warmed it a little for me to soften the crust and topped it with fresh whipped cream.  

Again the crust was fantastic.  There were little bits of peanuts in the filling.  The peanut butter flavor was great, lots of peanut butter.  I was expecting a little more of a creamy filling.  The consistency was thicker than a typical cream pie.  Maybe one you would want to share (this is not something I would usually say about dessert) I'm wondering if the chocolate and peanut butter wouldn't have been a better choice.  The flavor was great, perfect with the crust, but I'll get another sweet pie next time.  

On our way out they brought out some pecan pie.  It was fresh from the oven.  Too much for Darling Husband to resist.  He (and by he, I mean we) got one to go.  You should have smelled this little guy.

These little pies are surprisingly filling.  They are so packed with ingredients and a nice thick crust.    If you get too full from your savory choice, but want a sweet, they even have mini pies.
Another great thing about this place? If you're out late and get hungry..they have a late night walk-up window on the weekend until 2 am!

We enjoyed the pecan pie later that evening with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Easily one of the tastiest pecan pies I have ever eaten. 

I can't wait to go back to Pie.  So many flavors I still want to try.  

What do you say? Should we make it a date??

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