Thursday, August 11, 2011


A few Saturdays ago I spent my day surrounded by Lululemon, coconut water and lots of sweaty people.  
Not your idea of a fun Saturday?

I participated in a 6 hour yogathon at Urban Yoga Spa.  6 hours? Yes, 6 hours.  Let me explain....

I've been practicing yoga for about 4 years and I absolutely love it.  My friend Izzy introduced me to yoga after she went through extensive training to be a Bikram yoga instructor.  I went to my first class and loved it.  Yes, I had a few brief moments of terror, but I lived to tell about it.  The class is intense, hot, difficult, humbling, hot, rewarding, and  It's odd because I really hate to be hot, but I can handle the 90 minutes in a hot room.  
I've enjoyed the classes at Urban Yoga Spa because they offer a nice variety and you can take an awesome yoga class in just an hour.  The energy is great and the teachers are all awesome. They even have an occasional theme class where you can take an entire class to a great soundtrack.  I've taken both a Lady Gaga and Prince class.

When I first heard of the yogathon, I thought it was insane.  Who wants to take 3 yoga classes in one day? Then I started getting interested. Then I had signed up.  Then I was there.

Here are the things you need for a yogathon.  3 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a headband, another shirt and pair of shorts for after, flip flops, 4 towels,  lots and lots of water, and tequila.
One of these things just doesn't belong...
okay..kidding about the tequila, but I did consider it.

I arrived at the studio that morning at about 730.  The energy in the studio was high. People were actually excited about doing this thing?  The studio was packed with about 70 or so people.  I laid my mat down and waited.
The day was divided up into 3 classes, each for two hours, with an hour break in between each class.  The first class actually went pretty quickly.  It was hot and it was difficult, but soon it was over.  I had an hour break to shower, change and get ready for my next class.  
I felt tired, but pretty refreshed after my break.  the only thing that really stood out is that I was starving!!! 2 more hours till lunch.
I was excited for the next class because it was a hatha class.  It would be very similar to my beloved Bikram class. At this point, with so many bodies in the room, part of the time the heater wasn't even on. We were all feeling it though, at one point in a rest period I actually started to doze off! This class felt awesome, great stretching and I still felt strong.
2 hours lunch! We had a great brown rice salad and smoothie from the yummy cafe (it's really called that). The food was so good.  At our first break, we also had this delicious peanut butter protein ball that tasted like peanut butter cookie dough. Great food from this place.  I practically inhaled lunch, took another shower, changed again and down to our last class!  6 hours already done.
The last class was taught by the owners, Kathy and Gordy.  Kathy teaches an intense class, I was actually pretty worried about it. Could I do two more hours?  Kathy pushed us, but it was all manageable. Soon we were onto our last hour with just some intense stretching.  Next thing I know...we're all celebrating and congratulating each other on surviving 6 hours of yoga!
I went home feeling tired, but actually really good. I slept like a rock that night.  I definitely felt dehydrated and very hungry for the evening, but otherwise..great!
The next day I was pretty sore and still tired, but I felt really good. 
Everyone asked me why I did this crazy thing.  I really don't know. It sounded fun, I knew it would be a major accomplishment, and..... I'm sort of insane.  
I'm so happy I did this and I would definitely do it again.  Yoga is so good for you, the benefits last much longer than just your class.  I've taken tons of classes at various studios here in Seattle and on the eastside, so if you ever need any tips on a studio let me know.  If you haven't taken a class before but have wanted to you should. As they are always saying in yoga, "don't think, just do."  Go to a class.  Then go again.  Takes a few times to really get the hang of it.  Look for me there, I have a pink mat and I'll save you a spot.