Monday, September 26, 2011

Melrose Market

Darling Husband and I recently spent a nice afternoon at Melrose Market.  This space is over 21,000 square feet and includes food, liquor, and gifts.  All things I one place! It's located in Capitol Hill at Melrose and Pine.  We were lucky and scored a parking spot right in front!
First thing I noticed was one of my favorite sandwich spots, Homegrown.  We had already eaten, but I just love this place.  I don't know if it's always on the menu, but I once had a crab cake sandwich at the Fremont location. It was one of my favorite sandwiches.  It's huge, definitely shareable, but really, why would you?

Scratch my last statement.  The first thing I noticed, may have been this meat counter, Rainshadow Meats.  They have some great looking, quality meats..yum.

Across the way, more yum.....cheese from, The Calf & Kid.

I really wish I would have bought these little guys....
Look at these delicious veggies from, Marigold and Mint

and beautiful flowers
Sharing the back half with Marigold and Mint was another reason I wish I hadn't eaten before we arrived..
Sitka and Spruce has been on my "must-try restaurant" list for a while  They are now located at Melrose Market.  The people dining there looked quite happy!
To go with your meat and cheese....
Lots of yummy wine from Bar ferd'nand.  They had lots of wine and it was displayed beautifully.
But I have to say, my favorite spot at Melrose Market??  This little gift store located upstairs....
Butter Home, is the cutest little home gift shop.  I know someone who has a birthday and  Christmas coming up...she would love anything from this place. *ahem*

They also have some beautiful jewelry and some fun cards.
I got these his and hers towels as a souvenir.
Just outside the market, you'll find Taylor Shellfish
This was a neat shop with lots of varieties of oysters and just about any type of seafood you could think of.  Including these guys..
Geoduck! I still need to try it.
We really enjoyed our trip to Melrose Market.  If you're looking for some quality food and interesting gifts. You should check it out.  Just remember not to eat first, so you can enjoy the restaurants.  You'll find me lurking around the cheese counter......

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  1. I LOVEEE large markets like this! I could and do spend hours thers...just browsing...looking at the meats, fish, cheese, etc...its my heaven!