Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Foodie Pen Pals

I can't believe February is already over!  Is this going to be another super fast year?  The end of the month means another Foodie Pen Pals post!  I love sending and receiving a box of goodies each month.  For February, I sent a peanut butter filled box to Julie. When she told me she liked peanut butter I wanted to hug her...we were meant to be matched up!
Look at the fun goodies I received! Green Tea, granola bars, a great reusable bag that I"ve already started using to carry my lunch to work, a coupon (which I love) for a FREE can of soup, The Ice Dream Cookbook and check this out....
Anyone dare me to eat the entire thing?!?! Thanks to Matt, from Fave Diets for sending me a box of fun treats!!  I'll keep you posted on the Whirly Pop status!  I love when I get products that are totally new to me!
Every month I have a great time participating in Foodie Pen Pals! If you are interested in participaing, email Lindsay @ theleangreenbean@gmail.com.  She does an awesome job coordinating this every month and you'll get to know some great new people!