Wednesday, February 20, 2013

9 months of motherhood

I think this is the first time I have actually posted within days of Peyton celebrating her next month! Super Mom!  This has been a huge month.  Huge.  Someone has two little teeth beginning to poke out of her bottom gums.  She really likes it when I try to stick my finger in there everyday checking the status...really likes it.  My days of annoying her have begun!  And, we have complete crawling.  One day she just got it and she hasn't stopped!  She usually will grab a couple toys and crawl around with them.  Multi-talented.
She hasn't managed to get into too much trouble yet.  She is definitely obsessed with our cat though.  Will go out of her way to crawl towards him.  Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual.
The dog, however, seems to like her just fine.  He may be slightly terrified of her, but likes her anyway.
To help keep our sanity, we are busy with activities.  We enjoyed our first story time at our local library.  I was surprised at how many kids were there.  Some even as young as a couple months.  The librarian was very energetic and led the kids in songs, stories, and puppets.  Can't wait to go back.
We attended a Super Bowl party at her Auntie Nikki's house and she had fun playing with some of the other kids there.  She didn't seem too bothered by the fact that her mother made her shirt...
We had a lot of love in our house with Valentine's Day and the celebration of our second wedding anniversary.
This is something I even hesitate to say, but I think we finally have sleep down!  It only took about 8 months, but she pretty much sleeps through the night and she takes two good naps a day.  We had a couple rough weeks there when she would get up before, Mommy really can't do that.  Now we're usually up by 7am and going strong until about 7pm. (I hope I didn't jinx myself! Sleep baby!)  At this point, Peyton is, in baby terms, 40 weeks old.  Which is equal to how many weeks I was pregnant with her.  She and I have spent a lot of time together! It truly is amazing to watch her turn into a little person right before my very eyes.  I can't believe that in a few short months we will celebrate her first birthday...but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Time just truly flies with a baby around.
On another recipe for Tagalong Waffle Cookies has been selected as one of the top 5 finalists in the Girl Scouts of Western Washington recipe contest!  I was truly surprised and excited to get that email.  After seeing the other finalists, I can say I am in some very good company!  You can see the other recipes and cast a vote for your favorite  here.  The winner gets to prepare and share their recipe on TV!  What is it those famous people say?? "It's an honor just to be nominated!"

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  1. Ok, everytime I scroll down my instagram feed and see your babygirl's face, I smile. She is so adorable!

    Congrats on the nomination for your recipe. It looks awesome! I hope you win!